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Happy New Year 2016!

Posted by: mayra on Jan 02 @ 10:28 pm | 2 comments

I have exciting news! It’s been a while where I haven’t felt like updating, but for some reason now I really want to update and make punk-rose better. I always get visitors and I feel bad that I have the same content and don’t update. After almost two years I finally decided I want to do this again. It actually makes me feel good knowing that people do use my resources. It’s like a reward when you guys link back here and I get happy. Not trying to be cheesy but that’s honestly how I feel.

There will be new resources added, for example photoshop patterns & scanned scrapbook paper. I’m going to delete a lot of old content and make new previews for the textures and other things. I will also work on new tutorials because I get asked about them a lot on facebook. Yes, I do have a facebook where you can add me and talk to me +AddMe and I also have a facebook page that you can LIKE to know the latest updates on the website LIKE here.

Fist though, I really want to make a new layout/theme for punk-rose because you’ve been looking at this layout for over a year now. Honestly I still do like it a lot but it’s time for a new one. I want a fresh look and hopefully I can come up with something better.

My Blog with DIYs, freebies +More

Posted by: mayra on Jan 02 @ | 0 comments

Hey lovely visitors, I know that I haven’t updated punk-rose in over a year and honestly I really don’t know when I’ll update, but I wanted to come on here and let you know that I have a blog if you want to check it out, head over to lifewithmayra.com there I will be posting DIYs and other freebies for personal blogs. Also, i’m re-doing my web store so for now it’s closed.


I make Nail Art videos on Youtube!

Hey guys, maybe not a lot of you know what I'm obsessed with nail art and that I make videos on youtube! Come to my channel and take a look at my videos, subscribe if you like them! Here are two of my favorites:
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